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Company Profile
“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”

Engineering and construction are the main sectors in which the business activities of Turquoise Construction WLL are carried out.

Turquoise is committed to deliver the best in engineering and construction, using the best resources like people and application tools in the market to provide his clients with projects of outstanding quality by adapting values like integrity, teamwork and customer satisfaction. Turquoise acts in accordance with the highest ethical standards to maintain his position of trust with his clients.

Turquoise Construction specializes in construction of instutional buildings, industrial buildings, residential apartments, commercial complexed, treatment plants and infrastructural buildings.

Turquoise's mission is to provide qualitative engineering and construction in order to supply his clients' requirements and satisfaction.

Our vision is to serve with success to be trustworthy for all districts with the highest efficiency and quality for all kinds of construction projects.